Best Chair Height Toilet

Best Chair Height Toilet

With the introduction of toilets our sanitary conditions have improved a lot. Toilets have become a means of removing the waste from our house. When we think of those deplorable, unhygienic conditions, that were there when there were no toilets, they appear to be no less than blessings. It seems somewhat right that there was a time when the dog was man’s best friend but now it seems that the toilet has taken its place. So now world-wide, toilets have become a necessity in the bathrooms. When we are planning any renovations in our bathrooms, the last thing that we think of replacing, is our toilet. But after the sink the second important thing that we use the most is our toilet. Therefore replacing our toilet is an important and necessary step in our renovation. And with this awareness has come comfort and people now want the best chair height toilet in their bathrooms.

 However before buying a new toilet there are a lot of things that we have to keep in mind, such as, the size, shape, colour and most importantly, how much water it uses. 

Many of the toilets work on the same lines but there are many that work differently. For instance different toilets have different bowl shapes and flushing styles. Furthermore there are some floor-mounted and some are fixed on the walls. Depending on the style of the toilet its price also varies.

However some people, maybe due to elderly folks in their house or maybe because of their own comfort, are on the lookout for the best chair height toilet. These toilets are in great demand nowadays and many people want this comfort in their bathrooms.

Why Buy This Product:

Comfort height or Chair Height toilets are so called because they come in the right height. They are the height of a chair’s seat from the floor. As compared to the other toilet bowls, their toilet bowls are taller, coming in 17-19 inches. So this toilet height suits the elderly people or those people who have knee pain. Because these toilet seats are just the right height so the user does not have to bend their knees at an uncomfortable angle.

Furthermore these best comfort height toilet is preferred by tall people also who are a little bit uncomfortable on a standard-sized toilet. So people who are tall also feel more comfortable in sitting and standing while using a tall height toilet.

Listed below are the reviews of 6 of the best chair height toilet. Hoping that these reviews will help you out in your selection.

1 Kohler K-3589-0 Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated 1.6 gpf Toilet: 


A product of Kohler, this toilet comes in white colour and is oval-shaped. Made of vitreous china, this product weighs one pound. The toilet comes in one size only and comes in the dimensions of 28.75(L), 17.63(W) and 30.75 inches (H). The toilet bowl is oval shaped and it has to be mounted on the floor. It comes with a gravity flush system and consumes only 1.6 gpf. So in addition to being one of the best chair height toilet it also cuts down on water consumption.


The seat and supply line are not included in the package.

This toilet comes with an elongated bowl which adds to the user’s comfort.

Its chair height toilet seating makes it easier for the adults to sit or stand up.

The bowl and the tank come in separate pieces.

Pros and Cons:


The elongated bowl of the toilet gives more comfort.

Has a powerful and clog-free flush.

Toilet-seat is at the height of a chair.


Seat and supply line are not included.

Currently unavailable.

Product’s Final View:

The excellent customer review of, 4.6 out of 5 stars, clearly reflects on the good workman-ship and the superb performance of this toilet. This toilet also comes with a toilet seat that is the same height as a chair. This feature certainly adds to the comfort of the user especially sitting and standing up has become very easy for the elderly.

2 Woodbridge T-0001 One-Piece Toilet, Rectangle Button and Soft-Closing Seat:


Manufactured by Megabrand, this ceramic toilet comes in white colour. The toilet weighs 119 pounds and comes in the dimensions of 28.5(L), 14.5(W) and 27.5 inches (H). It comes with an elongated bowl which is easy-to-clean and the toilet-seat is at the same height as that of a chair. The toilet has a strong flushing system and consumes only 1.28 gallons of water in each flush. The package includes a soft-closing seat and wax rings and bolts for installation.


Comes with a design that can be cleaned easily.

The toilet comes with a clean, sleek look.

The siphon jet gives a strong flush.

Is WaterSense certified because of low water consumption.

Pros and Cons:


Comes with a soft-closing seat.

The skirted trap way makes cleaning easier.

Comes with a dual flush system.

Easy installation and maintenance.

A one-piece toilet.


Currently unavailable.

Product’s Final View:

This toilet offers great comfort to its user, especially to the elderly, in sitting down or standing up from the toilet seat. For this reason it easily comes under the heading of best chair height toilet. Furthermore its excellent customer reviews, 4.5 out of 5 stars also shows the satisfaction that the customers have got from this product. In addition to its good performance this toilet is also known for its design and sleekness that adds to the décor of any bathroom.

3 TOTO CST243EF£01 Entrada Two-Piece Round 1.28 GPF Universal Height Toilet:


A product of Toto, this toilet comes in white colour and is made of vitreous china. This item weighs 76 pounds and comes in the dimensions of 26.4(L), 14.3(W) and30 inches (H). This medium sized toilet is round shaped and can be installed on the floor. The toilet has siphon jet flushing, consuming only 1.28 gallons per flush.


The toilet comes in two pieces, a round-shaped bowl and tank set.

Comes with a powerful flushing system.

Is Water Sense certified.

The package comes without the toilet seat.

Pros and Cons:


The toilet comes in a clean and sleek look.

Comes with a 3 inch wide flush valve.

The toilet comes with a comfortable seat.

Comes with a powerful cleansing flush.


Toilet seat and supply lines must be bought separately.

Product’s Final View:

This toilet manufactured by Toto, is of a universal height and comes with a comfortable seat. The toilet can be said to be one of the best comfort height toilet as it offers maximum comfort to the users. Its good customer review, 4.4 out of 5 stars lends more credence to the product. It also reflects on the reliability of the toilet, showing the customers’ satisfaction with performance and credibility of the product. Furthermore its feature of low water consumption helps us to cut down on the water bills while at the same time the toilet becomes eco-friendly.

4 Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated 1.28 Gpf Toilet:


A product of Kohler, this toilet weighs102 pounds and comes in the dimensions of 31 (L), 20.75 (W) and 29 inches (H). Coming in twelve inches, the toilet comes in white colour and is made of vitreous china. The toilet is oblong shaped and it’s installed on the floor. These gravity flush toilets consume 1.28 gpf and has got certification from Water Sense.


This toilet consumes 1.28 gpf.

Comes with an easy-to-clean design.

Has a quiet and slow-closing seat.

The toilet comes with a front round bowl.

Its toilet seat is at chair height offering great comfort.

The elongated bowl of the toilet offers further comfort.

Pros and Cons:


This one-piece toilet gives a modern look to your bathroom.

Saves water up to 16500 gallons each year as compared to an older toilet. 

Its chair height toilet seat gives more comfort to the user.

They come in different colours and can go with any decor.


The toilet is quite heavy.

No standards for base size.

Product’s Final Views:

With its toilet seat at just the right height, as that of a chair, this tall height toilet gives comfort to its user. This right height is especially suitable for the elderly and tall people who can sit or stand from the seat comfortably. The excellent customer review of 4.3 out of 5 stars, shows the customers’ satisfaction with the performance and reliability of the product.

5 American Standard 2886218.020 H2Option Dual Flush Right Height: 


This toilet by American Standard, weighs around 51.9 pounds and comes in the dimensions of15 (W), 29.75 (L) and31.5 inches (H). This ‘right height’ toilet, comes in white colour and is elongated in size. This vitreous china toilet has to be floor mounted. This toilet comes with a double flushing system, cutting down greatly on the water usage. The water consumption of this toilet is .92 per flush.


The siphon jet technology along with Power Wash gives a clean rim.

The toilet bowl has a sanitary bar.

The colour of the bolt caps matches with the rest of the toilet.

The push button on the top of the flush is chrome plated.

Pros and Cons:


Comes with a gravity flush.

Has a dual flush system.

The Standard Right Height of this toilet gives the user maximum comfort.

Has a lifetime warranty on the chinaware.


The toilet seat is sold separately

Too little water remains in the bowl after each flush.

Product’s Final Views:

This ‘Right Height Toilet’ gives the maximum comfort to the user, in getting up or sitting on the seat. Especially suitable for the elderly people or those with knee problems, this is one of the best comfort height toilet. Its excellent customer review of 4.4 out of 5 stars, shows the immense satisfaction of the customers with this product. With its multiple qualities this toilet has managed to rank in the Best Sellers List.

6 Kohler K-3493-96 Highline Classic Pressure Lite Comfort Height Elongated 1.4 gpf Toilet:


This toilet by Kohler is oblong shaped and comes in biscuit colour. The toilet made of vitreous china, weighs 3.2 pounds and is floor mounted. It cuts down greatly on the use of water as it takes only 1.4 gallons per flush.


This is a two-piece toilet.

Comes with an elongated front bowl.

Comes with a 12 inches rough-in for the installation.

The toilet has a pressure-assist flushing system.

Pros and Cons:


Is ideal for bulk flushing.

Comes with a left handed trip lever.

Saves about 2000 gallons of water in a year.


Has a faulty trip lever.

Product’s Final View:

With its many qualities this product has earned a great customer review of 4.4 out of 5 stars. This toilet comes with the right height toilet seat, making it very comfortable for its users, easily counted as one of the best chair height toilet. With its multiple qualities it has made its way in the Best Sellers Rank.

The Buyer’s Guide:

Many companies are manufacturing best comfort height toilet but there are some factors that determine the functions and comfort of these toilets. So there are a number of factors that we have to consider before we buy a toilet, such as:

1- Price:

Obviously we have to keep our budget before start looking for a new toilet. Although there is not much difference in the prices of a best chair height toilet and a standard-sized toilet but still its better to allocate some money for it. Because if we do not have enough money then there’s a possibility that we have to compromise on some feature which would affect its durability. Because obviously the more features present in a toilet the more you have to pay for it.

2- Easy to Clean:

Another important factor that has to be kept in mind is that whether the toilet you are choosing does not pose much problem in cleaning. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time in cleaning so we should make sure that the toilet in question comes with some self-cleaning features. There are some toilets that have a smooth and glossy finish which prevents the growth of molds and scum and thus cuts down on cleaning.

3- Flushing Technology:

There are various new flushing systems, like the pressure-assisted flushing technology. In this system, the air with some pressure forces the water into the bowl and cleans it. Then there is the dual-flush toilet in which you have the option between the full or partial flush, depending on what you have to clean the bowl of. Though most of the toilets come with gravity-flush   system which has become very popular which has become popular because of its noiseless flushing and easy maintenance.

4- Easy Installation:

Then again another important factor to be considered is the installation of the toilet. This is especially important because a lot of customers want to install these toilets themselves. This may be due to their desire to exercise their handy-man skills or it may be because they want to save the plumber’s expenses. Either way we should make sure that the toilet we are choosing, comes with an easy to understand manual. Or if we get an illustrated manual, this will make installation further easier.

5- Height:

The standard toilet normally come with a rim that is 15 inches above the ground but there are toilets being made that come with a seat that is 17 inches. This type of toilet is often marketed under the logo of a ‘comfort height toilet’. And rightly said because this toilet has the seat at the same height as that of a chair. These toilets are ADA approved and therefore are best suited for elderly people and those with limited mobility. Because the height of these toilets makes it easier for the user, to get on or off them.

6- Water-Consumption:

Some of us are under this impression that a toilet’s performance is better if it flushes more water but this is not exactly true. But nowadays according to the laws its important that the toilets should not use more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush so now we don’t have to worry that our new toilets would be using more water. However the new high-efficiency toilets that are being manufactured use about 1.1 or 1.2 gallons per flush.

7- Bowl Shape:

Another important thing that the buyer should keep in mind when buying a new toilet, is the shape of the toilet bowl. It has been seen that those toilets that come with elongated bowls are more comfortable to sit on. Now on the other hand if we buy a toilet with a round-shaped bowl, though a bit uncomfortable are best suited for small bathrooms.

8- Noise Level:

Though quite important this factor is often overlooked by the buyers. Because if these toilets are to be installed somewhere where noise is a problem then we definitely have to consider how much noise they make while flushing. However we see that these gravity-flush toilets are the most noiseless ones. To further lessen the noise we can get those slow-closing lids and we can avoid that slamming shut noise.

9- Appearance:

Last but not the least will of course be the appearance of your toilet. Naturally you would like to buy something that adds to the décor of your bathroom and of-course something that fits in well. White or off-white toilets are better because they will easily go well even when you have to change the décor of your bathroom.

Furthermore if we choose a toilet with visible trapways and pipe bends, the toilet won’t give a sleek look and will entail more cleaning. Now if we buy a toilet with concealed or covered up bend pipes and trapways, it might give a sleeker look and lessen the cleaning. But such toilets come at a higher price.


Initially your thoughts are that all you need from a new toilet that it should do its work properly. But then with time you realize that there are multiple things that you have to consider before buying a new toilet. There are a number of things that you have to consider, like design and style, its water-consumption and seating.

With the introduction of comfort height toilets have added a new dimension to the comfort of the users. These toilets are higher than the standard-sized toilets. Because of these comfort height toilets, their added height, makes the toilet seat more comfortable to sit or stand. Especially it’s a useful and necessary item in the houses where there are elderly people, or those who have some knee issues or anyone suffering from arthritis.

However these toilets are also ideal for the people who feel uncomfortable on the other toilets, because of their heights. So due to the height of these toilets the tall people find it easier to sit or stand up from them. These toilets, due to their increased and chair height can easily be counted as the best chair height toilet. 

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