How does a Macerator Toilet Work

How does a Macerator Toilet Work

There is no doubt toilets make life so reliable. And nowadays many types of toilets are introduced. Toilets may be gravity-based or up flush. And up flush toilets are further divided into subgroups. Macerator toilet is basically an up flush toilet. 

Here I will explain the work of macerator toilets. But there is first need to know what the macerator toilets are. Let’s take a glance at the macerator toilet system. Then I will discuss how does a macerator toilet works.

Macerator or up flush toilet 

 Macerator toilets are also called up flush toilets, which can be placed on the floor. There is no need to break the floor for installing them. You can install the macerator toilets anywhere you want. These are easy to build and do not work on a gravity-based.

  •  A global company introduced these toilets to the world. These toilets prove of;
  • Best quality
  •  Are higher reliable
  • Have multiple applications
  • Easy to install 

Work of a macerator toilet 

Macerator toilets work by a process called maceration. The process through the solid waste is ground into fine slurry. This fine liquid will quickly pass from the macerator pump. 

Design of macerating toilet 

These toilets extremely look different from the gravity-based toilets. Structure of macerator toilet consists of;

  • Bowl on the top of the toilet
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Manual switch
  • Tank 
  • Elbow
  • Rim
  • Siphon
  • Flush valve
  • Filter valve
  • Overflow tube

Process of macerator toilet working

Macerator toilet works in the following ways;

  • Detecting the level of water
  • Grinding the waste
  • Pumped out to a discharge elbow 
  • Working of impeller
  • Discharge the waste

Detecting the level of water

When solid enter into the macerator system after flushing the toilet. Then water drains into the pump. And the switch of the pressure sensing system detects the water level. This rises inside the unit. Once the water reaches the membrane, the pumps turn on. 

Grinding the solid waste

The pump causes the blades to drive at 3600 revolutions per minute. These blades are driven by the motor to grind the solids. By this grinding process, all the solid waste turns into tiny particles. All the grinding particles fall on the bottom of the case. 

Work of the impeller

The bottom particles are picked up then by the impeller and pumped out. These are pumped through the internal discharge pipe. Once it exits the pump, the waste goes through a discharge elbow to the pump. This elbow is connected to the three quarter inch pipe, which has a built-in non-return valve. These valves prevent wastewater from traveling back. 

Macerator toilets may be present in;

  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Buildings
  • Motorhomes

The need for a macerating toilet system

  A macerating system is essential in such places where you need to build multiple toilets. Like;

  • In hospitals
  • In malls 
  • Offices
  • Motorhome

Macerating toilets make it possible if you want to build your home according to your dreams. And there is a need to install a toilet where no main drain line is near. Then you can install the macerator toilet anywhere you want.

Problems create in macerator

 Various types of problems are held in macerator toilets. The pump of the toilet may be blocked. In this way, the waste from the toilets will come out of the bowl. The second problem can be held in the damaged rubber membrane.  

Installing the macerator toilet

Macerator toilets are easy to install. During installing keep in mind the following things;

  • Select a place
  • Use a soft bend with an angle of 90 degree
  • Use horizontal pipe
  • Have easy electrical service

The Macerator tank is placed just behind the toilet. So first of all select the proper place to fit the macerator. Connect the pipe from the toilet to the macerator. Through this pipe, your toilet waste drains to the macerator. That grinds and discharges this waste through the pipe.

Bends of 90 degree

Make it easy to remove the waste using a bend of 90 degrees. If it is impossible to use a 90-degree bend then use two 45 degree bends. This will make it easy to drain waste easily.

Use a horizontal pipe  

 The pipe which runs from toilet to macerator should be horizontal. Because the vertical pipe can pass the waste slowly as compared to the horizontal pipe. Make sure if the pipe is vertical then it should be close to the macerator. 

Have an easy electrical service

As macerator toilets run through electricity, so you have to place an outlet near to the toilet. That way, you don’t need to use an extension to run the toilet.

 Types of macerator toilet 


Care and maintenance of the toilets

Like gravity-based toilets up flush toilets require more care and maintenance. The blades present in the macerator break down every particle of waste. Besides, it grinds the other waste you put in the toilet like toilet paper and hairs. So there is much need to take care and maintain it properly. If you will not keep it clean then, the blades will be ruined and need to be replaced. And flush the toilets as recommended by the manufacturer.


From the above description, one thing is clear: the macerator is the worker of the toilet. If the macerator stops working then, the up flush toilets will be dull. The work of the up flush toilet is ground the waste into tiny particles. These tiny particles can easily pass through the elbow pump. And now it is easy to install a toilet where you want. These toilets prove helpful for dream houses because of their high-quality features. 

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