How to use Western Toilet with Water

How to use Western Toilet with Water

As we see history, the earliest toilets were simple and gravity-based. But as time goes on, we have seen a stunning change in the shape of toilets. Here you will learn how western toilets are used with water.

Nowadays, western toilets are seeing to be used. Before telling you about how to use western toilet with water, you have to know about its types.

Types of western toilets

There are several types of toilets;

  • Padded toilets
  • Compact toilets
  • Low flush toilets
  • Pro flow toilets
  • Up flush toilets 

Different Ways to use western toilets

Using toilet paper

In most countries, toilet papers or wipes are used for washing purposes. Just like western countries follow this pattern. But one cannot feel this way hygienically. This method can cause infection if any residues remain behind. 

Using water 

Different countries follow a different pattern to use toilets. Those countries which use water for washing purposes obey more than one way. Some ways are mentioned here;

Wash with handheld shower or bum gun

After you get rid of urine, hold the handheld shower, and place it between the legs. Then turn on the shower and wash the needed area with the help of your hand.


Make sure the water present in the bowl did not touch your hand and shower. This way may contaminate your hand and bum gun.

Check for confirmation

After washing the contaminated area, clean it with toilet paper. To check that you are cleaning the coverage area properly or not.

Use a towel

Finally, you have to dry the wet area. For this work, take a towel and dry the damp area properly.

Some advantages of the bum gun or handheld shower

  • Cleaning the private area deeply
  • Prove hygienic
  • Environmentally friend
  • Prevent from savage blockage
  • Easy to use
  • Save money by not buying toilet paper.

Most of the houses use a bum gun instead of other equipment because of its more than benefits.

Using of bidet

You can use the bidet to wash yourself by using western toilet. It exerts plenty of water to wash your private area after urinating. You can use toilet paper also with a bidet. There are three types of the bidet.

  • Stand-alone bidet
  • Toilet seat bidet
  • Handheld bidet

Use of stand-alone bidet

A stand-alone bidet located near to the toilet, you can control its pressure of water flow. Its use is very basic. When you want to clean the contaminated area, please take it to the front side. It will help you if you use it on the backside. You can see the pressure of water by this bidet. 

Use of toilet seat bidet

These types of bidet present inside the commode and have a nozzle on its front. When you have done your urinating process, turn on the button, and wash your private area. After cleaning the fecal waste, turn the button, and the nozzle gets the original position.

These types of bidets may be inside of the commode and on the other sink type toilet. These work the same as an inside bidet. Anyone can use it easily.

Using a pressure tank

The pressure tank present behind your toilet works in two ways;

  • Storing of water
  • Provide additional water

Storing of water

The tank stores water and delivers it on need. Its faucets supply water with pressure. Water comes out from the taps with pressure. And that pressurized water helps to remove the waste from the anus area. 

Provide additional water

The water tank can provide additional water as well as supply pressurized water. Its extra water can be used in such conditions when power is out.

Using a personal water bucket

You can place a personal bucket of water in the bathroom. Take water from the bucket with a mug. Use its water on need and wash the fecal matter with the help of your hand. This method is reliable and can work without power.

Using a water bottle 

It would help if you cleaned the fecal matter by using a water bottle. That is also a reliable method when there is any problem with a handheld shower.

Advantages of western toilets

Western toilets may be valuable when any person in your home has a knee problem. In the case of a knee infection, one cannot bend its legs. So in such condition, western toilets prove helpful for you. 

Disadvantages of western toilets

As there are some advantages to western toilets. Some disadvantages also have to be faced by using western toilets. By using western toilets, several diseases can attack. These diseases could be happening by;

  • Sitting at the wrong angle
  • And by remaining any fecal matter on the anus.

Sitting angle

90-degree angle 

 When you sit on the commode at a ninety-degree angle, it will prove harmful. This sitting angle closed your intestinal anus by which urine drained. So in this situation, you exert extra power for defecation and, as a result, your colon infection. And you can acquire colon cancer.

The western toilet can also cause other diseases like;

  • Heart attack
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Constipation
  • Appendicitis
  • Inflammatory bowel disease


By using western toilet, you should avoid some wrong methods.

Sit at a 35-degree angle.

Make sure that you are at the right angle when you use the toilet. And the right angle of sitting on the commode is 35 degrees. When you are sitting in this position, you can easily pass the urine. 


By all the above explanations, we think it is to notice that western toilets can cause disease. So latterly you should avoid such types of toilets. But if you have these in your homes, then take care by using them. And significantly use the measurements for preventing yourself. First, don’t use toilet paper to clean yourself. Just use the water for cleaning purposes. In the above different methods are provided for how to use western toilet with water

You must have the settlement of water in any way. Whether you have water in the tank or stored in a bucket. But always use water for washing yourself instead of using toilet papers.

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