Wall Hung Toilet Review

Wall Hung Toilet Review

Have you heard about any innovative and creative idea for your toilet to look aesthetically sound and useful? No? Then get rid of your traditional toilets and go for something more inventive now. Wall hung toilet review is something you would really find interesting only if you want to give your rest place a spacious, simple and stylish look.

Whether you are renovating your home washroom, office, or any restaurant, best wall hung toilets would be the ultimate option for you. This is because it provides minimalistic detailing to your modern lifestyle. The sleeker and tankless design gives your toilet a unique outlook. This is the most innovative idea I came across for the toilet so far.

Here in this article, find everything about the best wall hung toilets like Duravit, Kohler, Swiss Madison and Toto, with all the pros and cons. So you would not have to search the market on your own. Let’s give it a read to the best guide.

Is Using Wall Hung Toilets Beneficial?

Definitely, it is! Let me share some benefits of wall-mounted toilets below:

Less Space Required: If you have a small washroom and you need a toilet that does not covers loads of space then wall hung toilets are the best choice as they are mounted in the wall.

More Hygienic: Because cleaning and wiping the floor below the toilet and around the fixture is really convenient as the bowl doesn’t touch the floor.

Height By Choice: Adjust a toilet in your washroom according to your convenience and choice. These toilets are beneficial for those who prefer heightened toilets to sit.

Stylish Outlook: Floating toilets are not like your traditional floor-mounted toilets. This is because they got recognition, because of its sleek, inventive and aesthetic outlook as compared to the two-piece toilet.

Few Suggestions (box)

  • The wall-mounted toilet weight limit is 500 pounds.
  • Don’t panic with a high cost, check out the benefits first.
  • Suitable wall required with 2×4 or 2×6 framing.
  • 1/2 inch water supply line above the tank is required.
  • The 3-inch waste line below the unit is required for drainage.

Wall Hung Toilet Review

The following are the 5 best Wall hung toilet reviews below:

  1. Kohler Wall Hung Toilet Review.
  2. Toto Wall Hung Toilet Review.
  3. Swiss Madison Wall Made Forever IVY Review.
  4. Duravit Toilet Wall Mounted Starck 3 Review.
  5. Swiss Madison Wall Made Forever Review.

1. KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil Wall-Hung Toilet Bowl

When a homeowner is looking for something stylish and unique then Kohler is its first choice. This one-piece floating toilet revamps the outlook of your bathroom.

It has a hidden water tank in the wall and provides a seamless look. Cleaning this Veil wall hung toilet would not be a problem for you because the surface is not sticky to keep the waste.

It has a round front elongated spacious bowl that contains heavy waste and has a grip tight Q3 seat that is comfortable for everyone. The item consumes almost 0.8 GPF for light waste and 1.6 gallons GPF for bulk waste.

Wall hung toilet installation is easy and you can fix this Kohler wall hung toilet anywhere from about 15 inches to about 28 inches from the floor. The most important factor is that you cannot get all components along with your toilet. Choose the components according to your choice and requirement.

Features At A Glance

Colour: White

Brand: Kohler

Material: Ceramic

Weight: 53.5 Pounds

Dimensions: 21 x 15.13 x 13.88 (LxWxH)

Shape: Oblong


  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Has a sleek, modern and stylish look.
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space.


  • Buy separate accessories.
  • Little bit costly.
  • Poor flushing system.
  • Less amount of water in the Bowl.

Final Views

I recommend this product only if you want your bathroom up to date in style otherwise, I heard a lot about its flushing problems. It does not adjust the proper water level. Sometimes, there is a need to flush twice to get rid of debris and toilet paper.

Toilet seat is also not comfy for some. If you will find some problem in your Kohler toilet then there is a 1-year warranty and you can easily exchange this product through Amazon.

Ratings: 4/5

2- Toto CT418FGNo.01 Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Toilet

‘Toto’ a renowned brand’s functionality and style say it all! Its new Aquia wall hung dual flush toilet is another addition in the variety of fixtures. Toto wall hung toilet review will guide whether this product is worth buying or not.

It has an elongated seat dual flush that cleans the bowl without leaving any spot of waste on the Sanagloss ceramic glaze surface. You just don’t need to use chemicals and cleaners.

It flushes away all the debris and waste in just one go. It has an amazing ability to consume less water from 1.6 GPF to 0.9 GPF. The cost is quite reasonable as compared to other wall-mounted toilets.

The installation process is quite difficult and you have to buy a separate tank and toilet seat. These are available with this product but you have to pay a separate price.


Colour: Cotton

Brand: TOTO

Material:  Vitreous China

Weight: 66.5 Pounds

Dimensions: 23.75 x 15.75 x 17.5 inches (LxWxH)

Shape: Oblong


  • Strong flushing capability.
  • Sanagloss surface does not stick to waste.
  • Less water consumption.
  • Sleek and stylish outlook.


  • Hard to install in the wall.
  • Cleaning difficulty due to low water level.
  • Buy separate components.

Final Views

Wall hung toilet review comes up with a suggestion after analyzing all the pros and cons. Toto Aquia can be adjusted in any place of your bathroom. You can even choose the height to adjust. Its dual flushing system is the best thing that flushes away everything in one go.

When you find an elegant and perfect product, then its okay to buy separate accessories with it. It has a low water problem issue but actually, it is not an issue as compared to its pros. The parcel comes with complete safety and no damage. In case of any damage, the return policy is quite easy. So, I think this toilet is a real victor.

Ratings: 4.7/5

3- Swiss Madison Ivy SM-WT450 Wall Hung Toilet

If you want to manage your water bill by consuming less water then Swill Madison IVY is that toilet to help you out. It consumes 0. 8 / 1. 28 gallons per flush water. It has dual flushing mechanisms with high-performance gravity.

It is an elegant piece that saves space in your bathroom and adds a stylish look. The Carrier Tank is completely concealed, still, a plumber can easily access through the actuator plate.

You can use one button to use a smaller amount of water-based on the amount of waste in the bowl too. As the bowl has smooth sides, that is incredibly easy to clean because the waste slides right down those sides.

The sleekest and seamless round designed toilets up with a softly closed lid and with all bolts & screws needed for installation are included. However, you need to buy a concealed Tank and Wall Actuator separately.


Colour: Glossy white

Brand: Swiss Madison Well Made Forever

Material:  Ceramic

Weight: 48 Pounds

Dimensions: 20.47 x 14.57 x 12 inches (LxWxH)

Shape: Oblong


  • It is easy to install.
  • It comes with bolts, screws and lid.
  • It has an adjustable height.
  • Consumes less water.
  • Have a soft close lid.


  • Flushing mechanism is not powerful.
  • The toilet is noisy.

Final Views

First of all, its glossy while colour is adjustable with every colour theme of your washroom. The pros outweigh the cons. This product is worth buying and not very costly. It is easy to install but yes you need a plumber for it. Flushing mechanism causes some issues due to the low water level.

You can get free and safe delivery, and in case of any damage, you can replace the product. You also have a one year warranty. Don’t panic to buy a concealed Tank and Wall Actuator separately as it has bolts and lid. The design and style make your bathroom more beautiful.

Ratings: 4.6/5

4- Swiss Madison SM-WT455 Carré Wall Hung Toilet

The Swiss Madison Carré Wall Hung Toilet review helps you to choose the best product. This sublime toilet has a powerful dual flush that will sweep away any blockage left in the bowl. The water consumption is 0. 8 / 1. 6 gallon per flush. 

The surface is porcelain scratch-resistant and seamless. The product includes all the bolts, screens and soft closed seats. The product is new to the market and the Carré wall hung toilet bowl can save almost 12 inches of important bathroom space as compared to other floor-mounted toilets.

This product is another masterpiece in style due to its design and the Mount Carrier system and Swiss Madison Actuator Plate make it a brilliant feature that is sure to make your rest place amazing.


Colour: Glossy white

Brand: Swiss Madison Well Made Forever

Material:  Ceramic

Weight: 53 Pounds

Dimensions: 21.3 x 14.6 x 14.8 inches (LxWxH)

Shape: Rectangular


  • Sleek and stylish.
  • Auto closed seat.
  • Water-saving strong flush.
  • Perfect weight.


  • Requires an actuator plate and a carrier.
  • Tough to install.

Final Views

The toilet is a real water saver and space saver as it is unique rectangular in shape you can even read the Toto Wall Hung Toilet Review. So, you can clearly analyze the advantages and disadvantages.

The only thing is you have to buy some additional accessories. It is less in price and has a strong flushing service that will not leave any waste in the bowl. I can recommend this product for all the perfect rest place conscious people.

Ratings: 4.5/5

5- Duravit 2226090092 Toilet Bowl Wall Mounted Starck 3

The Duravit brand is another best option to get your wall hung toilet. This is the top model of this brand and has appealing features. It has a compact size and has a modern look to your rest place.

The toilet is easy to install and drain of wall-mounted is located in the back. The only difficulty that you may face is repairing the toilet because it is installed in an all.  Sometimes, people will install a custom access hatch to allow access to the tank and works without having to break through the wall again.

Otherwise, it is standard for access to the tank to be through the flush button panel. It has a dual flushing system that consumes less water comparatively like 0.8 gallons for a half-flush and 1.6 gallons for a full flush.

You can keep the floor clear because there is a distance below the toilet. Moreover, the seat can be mounted at any height you desire. and can be installed in much smaller spaces than a regular toilet


Colour: White Alpin

Brand: Duravit

Material:  Ceramic

Weight: 63.93 Pounds

Dimensions: 14.57 x 24.41 x 22.5 inches (LxWxH)

Shape: Oblong


  • Modern in looks.
  • Adjustable seat height.
  • Cleaning below the toilet is easy.
  • Ceramic is easy to clean.


  • Leaves streak of residue.
  • all-mounted units are very expensive.
  • More in weight.

Final Views

Duravit Starck 3 wall mounted toilet is a good choice when you have a small bathroom. It also allows you to pick a seat height that is most comfortable for you and others. The only disadvantage that stops me to happily recommend you this product is it leaves waste particles behind or we can say a residue.

You need to clean your toilet regularly with chemicals or brush. It has a surface that does not leave marks. But below the bowl, it is tough to clean the water level. Now you have a clear idea about which toilet to buy and which not after reading the wall hung toilet review.

Ratings: 3.8/5

Things To Consider To Pick The Best Wall Hung Toilet

Wall hung toilets got much popularity not only in Europe and the USA but all around the world. But why are people going for it? Let me tell you the reason, these toilets brought a revolution in bathroom styling with its creative design as it is fixed in the wall above the floor.

The area below the toilet is quite spacious (almost 12-inch) and you can easily clean the floor. Wall hung toilet review told you everything about its unique design that hides all the attachments in the wall. You can only see the toilet bowl and the seat to sit on.

Installation of these toilets needs a stud wall and mounting frame. The frame is especially for the inside water tank, and the flush buttons are installed in a convenient location. These toilets are the most stylish, sleek and convenient.

Whenever your friends or guests arrive at your place they will definitely be obsessed with the outlook of your washroom. Before all this, there is a dire need to consider some facts while picking up your wall hung toilet. So, let’s go and give it a quick read to the wall hung toilet buying guide!

Check Your Budget & The Cost

Wall-mounted toilets are quite expensive as compared to floor-mounted toilets. We usually see them at elite places of 5-star restaurants. But it does not mean that you cannot get these toilets in your bathroom.

You can simply compare the process of the toilets that are mentioned in the Kohler, Duravit, and TOTO wall hung toilet review. These toilets are costly because of the frame, high-quality commode, and the installation process needs a professional plumber.

While purchasing these toilets check your budget because you may need to buy additional accessories that may not be available with the toilet. Don’t worry about the high cost because high prices will definitely give you high quality and long term results.

Toilet Shape

The shape of the toilet is the basic feature that you should consider. If you need a rectangular toilet then go for Swiss Madison care toilet. If you want an elongated then Kohler and TOTO is best, for a round toilet go for a Swiss Madison.

Elongated toilets may consume more space as compared to round ones. However, these are easy to clean and elegant in design. Round toilets are like traditional toilets. So, pick up as per your choice.

Type Of Flush

Don’t forget the most important thing while buying a toilet for your washroom.  For floor-mounted toilets, you have a choice to choose the flush according to its efficiency whether it is a tornado flush or double power cyclone, or a water saver.

Wall hung toilets specially designed its dual flushing system to consume less water and this mechanism is available in almost every wall mounted toilet. You can compare the efficiency after reading the wall hung toilet review.

You should also have an idea about the noise; sometimes, a powerful flushing mechanism creates more noise like Swiss Madison IVY.

Ratings & Reviews

Before choosing your best wall hung toilet read the reviews, check out the ratings, see the comments of the people about the product then decide whether you want to buy this toilet or not.

The toilet that is highly regarded is known as the best-rated wall hung toilet. You just have to do little effort or research online. Therefore, simply visit Amazon and get their ratings and decide then decide the brand.

Ask your relatives and give a review from them, ask about their experience with that particular toilet. Swiss Madison Ivy and TOTO look more promising in terms of good reviews and ratings.

Aesthetics & Material

When it comes to aesthetics and looks, wall-mounted toilets are the best choice to pick up. They have a modern, unique, sleek and stylish look. They are not like traditional style toilets. Check the colour combination and aesthetic looks of your walls, floor and the toilet then choose the product.

White Alpin of Duravit and Cotton white of Toto way looks better. Now let’s come to the material, most toilets are made up of porcelain, Vitreous China, and ceramic.

I would say that no material can beat porcelain and ceramic in the making of toilets, and there won’t be for a long time. They are more durable and reliable. The waste cannot stick to its slippery surface.

Best Toilet Brand

Don’t be confused! You can pick up your brand for a wall hung toilet that is best known for its quality, experience and reputation. The brand is known for its goodwill and reputation.

The quality products it provides to the customer and the wall hung toilet review they got make them the best brand. In the market of wall hung toilets, Kohler and TOTO are the oldest and renowned brands.

They have a good record of happy customers. They provide guarantee and exchange policy to the customers. Madison also strives hard to get the importance of the customers by providing them with quality products.

Additional Components

As you have read the wall hung toilet review, you have a clear idea about which toilet comes with other components. Like a toilet seat, lid, tank, bolts and nuts or some extra accessories like toilet paper, seat warmer, etc. 

Try to buy a toilet from the certified brand and make sure the product you will get should be worthy enough.

Warranty Of The Product

Make sure that the product you are going to buy should have a minimum of one year warranty. Some brands also offer a 5-years warranty. 

Usually, Amazon provides an easy return policy in case of any damage. But never get a toilet without a warranty because the product may contain some flaws and we never know. In case of any damage you can complain at the spot.

I hope this information will be helpful for you in buying the best wall hung toilets. Share your precious thoughts with us in the comments section below:

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