What is a Macerating Toilet

What is a Macerating Toilet

Macerating toilet systems obeys the maceration process. A process through solid wastes is grinding into a fine liquid. And this liquid can be easily removed by the pumping system. Macerating toilets can be installed below the public sewer.

Working of macerating toilet system

A toilet having a macerating system works efficiently. When the solid wastes enter the macerator. The blades present in the tank start to move. This movement of blades grinds the solid waste into fine particles. Then these particles can pass easily from the pipe. 

The noise produced by the toilet

Macerating toilets produced less noise during flushing. But like other toilets, it’s noise is not too loud. Modern macerators are completely noiseless. 

Smell of macerator 

Basically, the macerator did not produce much smell. But if there is some smell then it can be removed by, filling the full bowl with water and then flushed. 

Plumping requirements 

There is no need of having a pipe to the main drain. Due to this unique property macerators can be installed anywhere. So no problem is taking whether the main drain is available or not. 

Height concern

A macerator toilet pump may be placed up to 25 feet high from the main drain. Macerator toilet pump may remove the waste comes by;

  • Washing machine 
  • Sink
  • And bath

Special maintenance 

A macerating toilet system does not need special maintenance. But you should keep it clean as concerned by manufacturers. 

Benefits of the macerating system

Macerating toilets have more than one benefit some are mentioned here;

  • Grind the waste particles
  • Can be placed in basement buildings

Macerating system based toilets can be built in basement buildings. Gravity-based toilets can not be placed in the basement because of the pump of public sewage. 

Lasting period

A macerating system toilet may last for 10 to 15 years. Its lasting periods may depend on your family members. When it receives a large amount of waste then the blades have to work hard. In this situation, its blades get dull and reduce its lasting periods. 

Improving the lasting period

When your toilet macerators face a small amount of waste it can last for 10 years. So home based toilets last for long periods as compared to commercial based.

Best macerator toilets

Some best macerator toilets are:

1- SANI plus macerator 

Sami plus macerator is the best type of macerator toilet.


  • Have two years warranty
  • Cheap in cost
  • Produce less noise
  • Pump range is 100m horizontally and 5m vertically
  • Can be used as commercial based.
  • In size 512mm wide and 270mm high.

2- SANI pack pro-type

It can be used on both commercial and home base. After installing its pump will out of sight. This type of macerator can be attached to wall-hung toilets. 

3- SANI best pro macerator

It can also use commercial and home-based.


  • Have high volume
  • Remove multiple wastes 
  • Grind many solid particles even-odd cotton

4- SANI compact type

These types of macerators occupy less space. You can install them in a short space. Because of its small size it completely hides inside the toilet. 

  1. It can be used at commercial sites. Where there is need to build more than one toilets. 
  2. Its capacity of discharge waste is 30m horizontally and 3m vertically.
  3. It consumes little power compared to other toilets.

5- SANI access macerator 


  • Highly advanced
  • Have two outlets
  • Grind wastes of toilets also of bath, sink, and bidets.
  • Less noisy
  • Easy to install
  • Keep clean your toilet from behind the side.

6- SANI star macerator

  • More expensive
  • Fit in the wall
  • Require low pressure of water
  • Save water being extra used
  • Commercially used

7- SANI grind pro macerator

  1. SANI grind macerator is of high power.
  2. Can be installed in the basement of height almost 25 feet below from the sewage pipeline.


All the above discussion was about the macerating toilet system. That states that the macerating system is the best feature of the up flush toilet. As you can see the up flush toilets are seen everywhere around us. So you have complete information about it. 

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